How to create an Information campaign

Published: November 2007 by Foundation Loesje International (Stiching Loesje International)

Authors: Rolands Umbrovskis (credited as Rolands Umbrowskis), Rūta Vimba, Linda Kalniņa, Doeko Pinxt, Carola Stahl, Ghama Shyam Acharya, Emiliya Asadova, Zhibek Karamanova, Sara Karlsson, Laura Kazberavica, Loesje, Ganesh Parajuli, Erik Lino Toffolo

"How to create an information campaign" Handbook created by young people from around the world who feel that the time to sit idle has passed. The book gives examples on how to do practical actions in your village, city, country and even in the big world. The actions are related to the Millenium Developement Goals (MDG's) set by the United Nations in 2000. They range from fighting poverty to ensuring environmental sustainability and developing a global partnership world wide.

This book is also an inspiration. To anyone who wants to make their own positive actions and not sit and wait for the politicians.

Гьикщмылшы Umbrovkis umbrovsks umbrovskys Кщдфтвы Гьикщмылшы

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